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Latest news from April...

Principles of Oncology for Cancer Registry Professionals will be presented in Kansas City on August 21-25, 2017.  This will probably be the only iteration of our 5-day basic training program for abstracting and coding this year. Learn more.

The 2nd edition of the Cancer Registry CASEbook is no longer available for general sale.

The AJCC has announced that the implementation of the 8th edition of TNM is being delayed until 2018.  Therefore, we are attempting to print more copies of the 2nd edition CASEbook for sale and putting off the publication of the 3rd edition until the fall of 2017

We hope to have additional CASEbooks by the end of February.  In the meantime, if you need a copy of the second edition for a college class which uses the CASEbook as a textbook and your college bookstore does not have it in stock, contact us with your name, school and course number.


Education is the key to professional development in any field.  For cancer registrars, a good education forms the foundation for understanding the principles of oncology and the highly detailed work involved in cancer registration. April Fritz, RHIT, CTR and her associates provide the finest educational opportunities available in the field of cancer registry operations.   

A.Fritz and Associates offers a variety of educational programs ranging from customized presentations prepared for registry professional organizations to three- and five-day highly focused educational programs for beginning registrars, CTR examination preparation courses, and Level II training for more experienced registrars. 

With more than 30 years of experience in cancer registration, April has worked in a variety of settings—hospital registries, central registries, and registry support companies.  She knows what registrars need as the educational foundation for everyday work activities.  In addition, she has been on the leading edge of registry technologies, helping to develop ICD-O-3 and the Collaborative Staging system and can bring that information to her audiences in an uncomplicated, understandable format.   

“Preparing Cancer Registry Professionals for the Future” is more than the slogan of A.Fritz and Associates; it’s our mission.  Schedule a presentation or register for a training program right here. 

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