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About A.Fritz and Associates

 Our company was founded by April Fritz. BA, RHIT, CTR (1949-2017) in 2005.

After a more than three decades as a trainer of hospital-based registrars and a decade as the manager of education and training for the SEER program, April Fritz identified not only the important issues in cancer registry education, but brought together a group of skilled individuals who can deliver training on a variety of subjects in workshops large and small.  Ou r associates are comfortable in a variety of formats, including single or multiple-day presentations in front of groups, more comprehensive training programs lasting five days or longer, online classroom settings, videoconferencing, and newer technologies such as webcasting and webconferencing.   

April is  the author of The Cancer Registry CASEbook: Coding, Abstracting, Staging and Exercises.  This book provides comprehensive, illustrated, site-specific information and practica for beginner and intermediate level cancer registrars.  Here are more details.

  Until the spring of 2006, April was the Manager of Data Quality for the Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) Program of the National Cancer Institute in Rockville, Maryland.  Prior to her federal service, she was employed by several hospitals and a cancer registry software vendor.


April developed the Principles of Oncology for Cancer Registry Professionals training program in 1992.  She  made presentations to dozens of cancer registry organizations and has been a consultant to many cancer organizations, including the Commission on Cancer, the American Joint Committee on Cancer, SNOMED International, International Agency for Research on Cancer, and the American Veterinary Medical Association


April combined her registry technical knowledge with skill and experience as a writer.  She served on the editorial committees of numerous international standard registry references, including the

In addition to the standard registry references, she helped develop  a variety of tools for cancer registrars as part of the SEER Program, such as

  • SEER*Rx, the cancer registrarís interactive antineoplastic drug database

  • Abstracting and Coding Guide for the Hematopoietic Diseases

  • The Brain Book, Abstracting & Coding Guidelines for Primary Central Nervous System Tumors 

  • Single versus Subsequent Primaries of Lymphatic and Hematopoietic Diseases

  • The Registrar's Key to Abstracting

  • Professional Review for Cancer Registrars (Florida Cancer Registrars Association CTR exam preparation manual)

April was a past president of the  National Cancer Registrars Association (NCRA), and was active in state and national professional organizations.  Professional honors include the Distinguished Member and Education awards from the National Cancer Registrars Association, the Distinguished Service Award from the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries, and service awards from the National Cancer Institute.

April's Associates


Louanne CurrenceLouanne Currence, RHIT, CTR, has worked in healthcare more than 30 years and been a hospital-based registrar for over 20 years.  She has worked with the Misouri Cancer Registry in education projects as well as having served as a past Education Coordinator..  In addition, she is a popular speaker among registry professionals in many states.  Her sense of humor and depth of registry knowledge keep her in demand for presentations to beginner and experienced groups on a wide variety of topics.  She is active in regional and state professional associations and the National Cancer Registrars Association.  Louanne believes the greatest attribute of a good registrar is curiosity and she enjoys learning about new things so she can share with others.



Denise Harrison, BS, CTR, has been an instructor in higher education for most of her adult life, primarily teaching anatomy and physiology and microbiology. In addition to being a in-demand speaker on tumor registry subjects, she is the Director of the Cancer Information Management Program and a tenured faculty member at Santa Barbara City College in California. She is actively involved in the NCRA, previously serving as Education Chair, and currently co-authoring the JRM quizzes (since 2007), and serving as an Independent Clinical Advisor. She has been a primary instructor the Principles of Oncology training program since 2014.



Marilyn Hansen, CTR, brings a wealth of experience to A.Fritz and Associates.  Ms. Hansen has been in the cancer registry field for over 25 years and has expertise in both hospital and central cancer registries.  She received her CTR credential in 1990.  Ms. Hansen is currently a supervising Public Health Representative for the NJ Department of Health and Senior Services (NJDHSS) and serves as their Education Coordinator.  She is also a cancer registry consultant for a private company.  Her professional activities include service in numerous registrar organizations.  She is a past President of the National Cancer Registrars Association (NCRA), a past NCRA Eastern Regional Director, and past President of Oncology Registrars Association of New Jersey (ORANJ). She serves on the ORANJ Education Committee.  
As Education Coordinator for the New Jersey Cancer Registry since 2001, Ms. Hansen has developed and taught educational workshops for beginning, intermediate, and advanced level registrars.  In addition to being one of the preferred co-teachers for A.Fritz and Associates workshops, she has also developed and taught a Pre-Certification Exam Review Workshop that attracted attendees from neighboring states as well as New Jersey.  She is a popular speaker and trainer at workshops not only in New Jersey, but nationwide as well.
Ms. Hansen believes that a registrar's greatest attribute is attention to detail so that the data collected is of high quality and meaningful to physicians and researchers in the war on cancer.  



Steven Peace, CTR is a Senior Manager for the Florida Cancer Data System at the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine in Miami, Florida. 

Steve is a nationally recognized expert in his field and a dedicated CTR with more than 30 years experience in health information management systems, disease classification systems, medical coding systems, the Multiple Primary and Histology Coding Rules for both Solid Tumors and the Hematopoietic and Lymphoid Neoplasms, and the Collaborative Stage Data Collection System.  He also sits on the ICD-O-3 Development, Review and Implementation Working Group from which ICD-O-4 will be derived. 

Steve is most recognized as a professional educator and cancer registry trainer who enjoys introducing new concepts, methodologies, coding rules, and management tools to professional audiences. 

Mr. Peace has held leadership positions in national and statewide population-based cancer surveillance programs including; the National Cancer Institute SEER Program, Florida Cancer Data System (FCDS), Maryland Cancer Registry, Colorado Central Cancer Registry as well as holding leadership positions in both of our recognized cancer registry professional associations; the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries and the National Cancer Registrars Association. 


AnnetteAnnette Hurlbut, RHIT, CTR, has over 28 years of experience in the cancer registry field. She earned an Associate of Science degree in Health Information Technology in 1978. She has been a CTR since 1983. Annette's work experience includes 10 years as a single facility registrar, 24+ years in freelance abstracting, and completing many special projects for the registry profession. For the past twenty years she has held many different positions for registry software vendors, beginning with ELM Services and, since 1997, as a Quality Engineer for IMPAC Medical Systems, Inc.  She has performed as a consultant, at times under contract, for the American College of Surgeonsí, National Cancer Institute SEER Program, as well as SNOMED, and many others. She has published a number of articles and is most active in the editorial review of standards documents, including an acknowledgement in ICD-O-3 and editor in SEER Summary Stage 2000. Recently, she has given presentations at the NCRA and NAACCR Annual Meetings and been published in the Journal of Registry Management. Annette is an active member of the New York Cancer Registrars Association; NCRA; member of NAACCR Information and Technology Committee; Uniform Data Standards Committee; Interoperability Work Group; Communications; EDITS Subcommittee, Standards Implementation and numerous other 'adhoc' work groups.



Robert G. Fritz, Colonel, USA (Ret.), spent more than 28 years in the Army where his primary focus was on communications-electronics and operational planning.  He held a wide variety of command and staff assignments including 8 years on the Department of Army staff in the Pentagon--both in uniform and as a civilian after his retirement.  Bob handles all of the behind-the scenes financial, logistical, information technology and support functions for the company.  He also is the company webmaster and operates a web design and hosting company as a subsidiary of A.Fritz and Associates. 

A.Fritz and Associates, LLC is a veteran-owned
small business and is an equal-opportunity employer.