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Group Presentations


April is available to develop and present educational presentations to your organization at your location.  Customized presentations vary from 30 to 90 minutes or more in length, depending on the level of detail desired.  Case exercises can be added to the presentation to create workshops varying from 90 minutes to four hours.  April has a wide catalog of topics from which to choose, or you can ask her to prepare a new presentation for your group.


 Current Hot Topics

  • Hematopoietic Diseases Multiple Primaries and Histology Coding Rules

    • 2012 Rules

    • Hematopoietic Diseases Overview

    • Malignant Lymphomas

    • Treatment Coding Issues

    • Surgery

    • Other Modalities

    • Coding Complex Morphologies

    • Coding Grade Fields

  • Intermediate-Advanced level review of CS data fields for various sites

    • Head and Neck

    • Ovary

    • Pancreas/biliary

    • Testis

    • Central Nervous System

    • Breast

    • Colon

    • Prostate

    • Lymphoma

    • Lung

  • Focus on SSFs (breast, colon, prostate, head and neck, etc.) 

  • In the Know about Lymph Nodes

    • Overview of all LN fields including recent changes to Scope of Regional Lymph Nodes Surgery

  • Making the Most of Online References and Data Bases

    • Includes SEER*RX, Hematopoietic Rules and Data Base, Collaborative Stage Schemas and Coding Instructions

    • Includes how to make comments in PDFs 

  • Ask April!

    • Open session questions and answers (submit questions in advance)


Other popular topics

  • Collaborative Staging System

    • Site-specific anatomy, rules, and exercises

  • How NOT to lie with statistics

  • Comparing Apples to Apples (preparing data for analysis)

  • A social and cultural perspective on cancer registries in the US

  • A Brief History of Cancer and Cancer Registries

  • Systemic therapy review


 Donít see your educational issue here?

Contact April about preparing a customized presentation on your topic of choice.